At JonVers we aim to produce a dog that exemplifies the beauty and structural soundness of the Australian Cattle Dog. A dog that is easy to live with, reliable and easily trained - a dog anyone would be happy and proud to own.

Our objective is a well balanced Australian Cattle Dog with a stable temperament, correct structure and also striking to that stands out in a crowd as being something more than ordinary.

We breed puppies that are beautifully balanced with fabulous temperaments. We believe you can achieve both by careful selection of the parents and feel we are accomplishing this as proven by the feedback on our references page. Our puppies have added such joy to the lives of so many!

We hope you enjoy your visit with the dogs and puppies that we love so dearly!

Echo is one of General's sons. He is a much loved member of Jonny, Donna, Ann & Jack's family :) Thank you, Donna for this great shot of a candid moment!


You don't have to show to have some of the nicest dogs in the world.
It's not the show that makes the dog, it's the dog that makes the show.

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