These pages were created to share some of the feedback, photos and videos we've received from our adopting families. Through our pups, we have have met some of the most wonderful people and have been able to touch their lives in ways we never dreamed possible. We all share one common bond - the love and devotion of a really great dog :) 

We would like to thank all of our families for sending their photos and granting us permission to use some of their comments, photos and videos on our website. The testimonies from our families and the photos they have provided are far better than anything we could possibly say.

Congratulations Angie and Alix for winning the 2014 NADAC Championship in their division!!! These two are an amazing team and we couldn't be happier for them, or more proud! This pretty red rocket just celebrated her 10th birthday the month before she won the championship. She is now 12 years old and still competing! Proof of solid genetics and temperament! Way to go, Alix and Angie!!!!

Please click here to see the video on their qualifying run into the finals :)


It's almost a week since Henry entered my life. Adding this dear little dog to my family has been a truly wonderful experience. He is without doubt the sweetest, best-behaved dog I've ever met: cooperative, adaptable, and responsive to requests. He's even-tempered, affectionate and very sensitive. I often have the outstretched paw (or paws) placed gently on my lap, accompanied by a deep gaze. Of course, genetics plays a large role in creating Henry's character, but I believe the people he spent his early life with have been a huge influence on the beautiful little dog he has become. He has learned to be kind, gentle and patient from you and those around you. And for that I'm very grateful!

Winton is besotted and presents his soft squeaky toys to Henry, hoping to initiate play. I'm encouraging him to be give Henry space and time, but in the meantime, they are enjoying each others' company. I'm sure they will become great friends over time.

Here's a photo of handsome Henry I took yesterday (with his donkey). He loves his soft toys and I often find them scattered around the room when I greet him in the morning. Sweet boy.



It's a while since I was in contact. I hope you are doing really well! 

Dear Henry is settling in marvelously. I absolutely adore him, of course. He's the sweetest, most playful little dog. He loves to be stroked and will stand on his rear legs and rest his front paws on my outstretched arm to encourage me to caress him. He and Winton are best friends and play constantly. I've been very careful to ensure that each dog feels very special, and I'm sure this has helped their relationship. 

Henry's new year's resolution is to improve his golf game, and get to know the wildlife better. I'm attaching some photos. I hope you can see how happy he is. I think he has his father's magnificent beauty, along with his smarts and wit. He's absolutely dedicated to me and will constantly refer back to me when we're in the garden. He would make an exceptional working dog - his stamina on our walks is notable and his agility constantly surprises me. He spins for joy when I'm feeding him and very much enjoys his toys. He makes me laugh every day.

What a blessing he is! 

I hope you enjoy the photos. I have some great videos, too. I will try to send a couple of those soon,

Take care,


Yola and Jil

Is it Friday yet???

They made it sound fun....we'll go boating on the river , you'll get your own life vest they said......hang in there Yola!

Gorgeous Yola, always ready to play!

Yola and her sister Yarra. Oh, these girls :)


Truff in his new home

Truff's ride home from the airport :)


Spy and Carol

Click here to see Spy & his friend Minnie snapping some twigs :)

Or click here to see Spy's secret stash!


Bindi ~ First day herding

We took her to an intro to sheep herding last week and she seemed to enjoy it. Just looking at our schedules to see if we can go a few times a month. She continues to settle in around here, we take her out with us as much as we can for continued socialization and she's doing well in obedience class. (It's me that struggles in training!) Hope all is well with you, husband and pups.

Watch Bindi having some fun after the rain here :)

Boat ride!


I have had Loki (aka Zion) for 8 months now and he has been the best dog I could ask for. He goes everywhere with me and he is a very loyal loving little guy. I just wanted to give you an update and thank you for such an awesome dog! He is doing great in every way and I attached a picture of him with santa!

Thank you so much




I thought you would like to hear how "Zach" is doing. We got Zach on Tues. night (you called him Euro). We named him "Zachariah", or "Zach" for short. The 2 1/2 hour car ride home was no problem. Zach did great - fairly alert at every unfamiliar sound; he finally fell asleep in my arms towards the end. When we got home he wasn't interested in exploring the house but was very content to stay right by my side.

When Zach gets up, it's an event! He is so happy to see you! He licks every part of your face and neck he can and his "happy meter" - or tail, is on full blast! It's amazing how much love is packed into such a small body. He overflows with it.

We live in the foothills in La Crescenta and go hiking a lot. We took Zach to our favorite local spot and just took him around the park area instead of the trails to get him used to the leash. He did very well. I am floored as to how much he is attached to me already! He has complete trust in me.

Zach has already become a very important addition to our family. I can really appreciate how much extra time and effort you guys put into raising healthy puppies that have a great temperament and personality. Zach is such a good doggie!

Thank you for all of your effort and hard work! Kelly & Dave

Zach 5 Months


Here are some more pictures for your website! We took Zach to Virginia Lakes (where our daughter works as a packer) and had our first 2-day hike with Zach. We hiked 7 miles in, camped overnight, then 7 miles back. It was over 3,000 ft. elevation gain for the 2 days! Zach managed to find some snow - the best stuff ever (according to him)! We were up between 9,000 and 11,000 feet. Anyway, I thought you would appreciate hearing of Zach's progress and seeing what he looks like as gets older - plus I get to brag! Kelly

Zach the Yak!

Zach is a kayak doggy! We bought used kayaks and tested them out today. I thought for sure Zach would make us tip over, but he really exceeded my expectations and stayed mostly calm in the hull of the kayak. What a good doggy!

Zach catching some sleep on the trail :)

Hobo Zach - waiting to hitch a ride on the next train :)

Zach in the Hill Country of Texas ~ April 2012

Please click here to read about Zach's latest adventures!!!

  Keeping an eye on the cattle across the creek - 7 years old


Samwise (Simeon) & Topanga with Michelle upon arrival at their new home.

Just wanted to send you a quick update on the kids!

They are doing FANTASTIC. Have made HUGE strides in our quest to get them potty trained. A couple accidents here and there. I suspect Topanga will have it down before Sammy, but he is getting it too. He just drinks and pees a lot more than she does!  :)

Both pups are amazing, loving little creatures. I learned a couple wonderful things about each of them. Topanga is a HEELER. I mean, she was GLUED to me as went on our "forest" trek. Tank bounded through the trees like a deer, with Claire right on his heels and Sammy trying to keep up with HER. But Topanga would call out to me if I fell behind, and she would come back to "get me."  It was so cute! At first I thought she was a bit nervous being separated from everyone... but I was wrong. She couldn't care less what the other dogs were doing -- She wanted to make sure I was okay and coming. lol..

Samwise is just BEYOND sweet and loving and cuddly. When I hold him, he just gazes calmly, directly into my SOUL!  What a ladies man he is. Knows how to make us swoon, that's for sure. He really does have a preference for the ladies. Initially I thought that must just be my imagination. But it has held true for every person we have met. He is friendly enough towards men, but I think he KNOWS he has the "swoon factor" on the ladies. What a ham.

They both get along FAMOUSLY with Tank and Claire both, but Tank in particular. Spanky Tanky has adopted them both as HIS children. He leads them on little expeditions around our property, using a toy in his mouth to bribe them to following him. We call him Mama Tank ... he could stand over those kids watching them, FOREVER! He even ran to the "rescue" of one of HIS kids when our cranky old guy Buzzy growled. Buzz mostly stays in his kennel so there was never any real danger, but Tank didn't care. He wasn't going to allow any nonsense from that Old Man.  :)

As far as the cats are concerned, they are a non-issue. The two cats who are friendly with dogs walk amongst them all the time. Topanga has most interest in them, but they don't run when she tries to play so she just licks them.  

They are growing fast and have already gained size. I'll take pictures this weekend and send you a couple.

Thanks again for allowing us to take the wonderful kids into our home.  We love them.

Topanga's Photo Bomb :)

Topanga and Sammy ~ 5 Months

I'm attaching some cute pics I took of the kids this evening. Look how HUGE Sammy is getting. His head and EARS have grown...And Topanga is finally looking a little older. Not only that, but she is MUCH easier to get a photo of. She sits still :D God I love these young 'uns. He (Sammy) is just the sweetest
most loving boy EVER. He uses his energy to HUG and kiss, and I love that. Topanga, on the other hand, is BRILLIANT. She could be a rocket scientist. :D



We just wanted to check and let you know how Koda (Clue) is doing. He is filling in very nicely. At his 6 month checkup he was a stout 40lbs. We just finished our first puppy class and it is amazing how eager this little guy is to please. He's very well mannered and listens well in the class setting. Now, only if he would follow suit at home. He truly is a crazy puppy though! The mouth is always going and his herding instinct is highly active. We've yet to find an "indestructible" toy he can't destroy. We wish you all the best and thanks again.


Maxine (left-formerly Yahtzee) playing tug with a friend

She's doing awesome and is such a character. Always happy and full of love. She loves everybody.

Every day, when she’s home by herself, we put her crate in the garage and she has access to her backyard.  This way she can go inside and outside.
Every day, she pulls the bed out of her crate, through the dog door and out onto the deck.  Then she takes all her toys, and whatever sticks she has fallen in love with, and puts them all near the bed. She’s really good at entertaining herself in the backyard as well.  She loves taking her toys and tossing them into the air and playing catch. 

Brattiness moment:  We take her mountain biking, hiking or to the dog park every night when we get home.  Monday night I took her to the dog park and always make her sit/stay while I put her leash on.  Well, she bolted and ran towards the dog park and wouldn’t come when called.  I was frankly really surprised!  So I finally caught up to her, placed her on the ground to let her know who’s boss, and then put her on her leash and made her sit/stay on leash outside the dog park, so she could clearly see what she was missing. Last night we went to the dog park, and she was a perfect angel :) She’s no dummy.


Sweet Cutter and his best friend. A boy and his dog :)


Dillon & Cade brother and sister at 10 Months

These are just the sweetest disposition cattle dogs I have ever owned.  We just love our kids and words cannot describe the joy they bring to our lives!  So glad I found you.


Dillon, Wylie and Cade above - Cade and Dillon below pictured at 15 months

Wanted to share some recent pics of Cade and Dillon with you. We also have a new addition to our family.  Her name is Wylie, a Schipperke. These pics were when Wylie first arrived and the last are the most recent of the three.

These two ACD's are SO good with Wylie!  Dillon loves her, thinks she is his own live toy. He really plays with her and is gentle when they wrestle and chew on each other. They are buddies and quite the pair to watch especially since Dillon acts like a big old puppy himself! Cade, on the other hand is like me, not much into children. It's awkward for her to play childish games as she would rather stay on guard and patrol the premises. They are so funny!

Hope all is well out your way!

Warm regards,


(Ruby, Dash and Violet are all part of Ralph's family!)

Photos above and below are of Ruby in Costa Rica at 13 months old.

Merry Christmas to you and your family! Yes, that Ruby is spoiled rotten! Did you notice the giraffe leg next to her? :-) I went back up to NH last week for a Search & Rescue course. The doggie day care where she always goes now puts out the word that "Ruby's back in town." Get this...some owners actually bring their dogs in for the day so they can play with Ruby! That's quite a lovely reputation! The girls that work there keep "threatening" to steal her! Another fine JonVers production! ;-)



Just wanted to give you an update on Xenie.  He's doing really well, just brought him to the vet for some shots and a general check up. He's just past 11 months and weighs 42 lbs. and I think he's just about done blowing out his under coat for the summer, that was pretty crazy, first time I've had a dog with an undercoat so it looked like enough hair to make another dog with lol.  Behavior wise he's also very good, a few impulse issues here and there as far as the jumping when he's really excited but super loving and always wants to be in the mix, he's like my Velcro dog. I included a few pictures, let me know what you think. Hope all is well, take care.



Dakota (Kota) and her boy :) Too much fun at Grandy's!

Sasha keeping Kota close to her during 1 of their 26 daily naps.

Both of you have been charged with the following:
Breaking and entering into the backyard Smoker and eating Daddy's 1 pound of 5 hour smoked, thick cut bacon! How do you plead?

Kota keeping cool in the sprinklers, click here to watch!


Rush and his dog family enjoying a Montana winter


Pepper and her boy, Owen at home in Canada

I thought you might like to hear how Pepper is doing. :) We haven't had much snow this winter but she certainly enjoyed what we did have. In fact it can be a trial taking her out back to do her pee as she just wants to eat the snow!  We had fun snowshoeing though, and she loved chasing her frisbee in it.

She passed her 'basic manners' class  with flying colours and we're trying to find an agility class close by that she can go to. She's just started off-leash hikes too, it took awhile for her to ignore cyclists and joggers. :)

She's getting big, over 15 kg now, though not as big as the 6 month old male pup you posted on Facebook a couple weeks back. He's certainly burly! And as you can see by the sofa picture she has made herself right at home. :) We love her to bits but the cat is still keeping her distance. Poor Pepper is dying to say hello to her.

Hope all is well with you and that rain is in your near future.


Lisa, Paul, Owen and Pepper

Pepper on a suspension bridge


Dante at 10 months

Dante at his new home....the boy knows how to party! :)

Dante -  What do you mean it's empty?!!

Dante ~ 3 Years


Above @ 5 months with Julie, Below @ 6 months

Willow is doing great!  She went with Dex and Sierra to get shots last weekend and did wonderfully.  It has been such fun to watch Willow and discover her personality.  She has picked a few favorite spots where she can sit and watch everything going on in the room.  Her crate has become one of them.  She has surprised us a couple of times when she strategically darted in to play with Dex and Sierra.  She enjoys fetching and dropping the ball for us.  Willow loves to be outside and check out the yard.  We don't want her swimming without us so are putting a fence up.  It will keep Dex from killing the pool cleaner too.  I had to laugh the day Dex was trying to keep her off the bed and she let him for awhile.  Then all of the sudden she was done with his game and used him as step on her way up displaying her soft, yet determined nature.  Willow had her first trip to our cabin in AZ last weekend.  All three were in the back of the SUV together and were nice to each other for the 3 1/2 hour drive.  We took her on the leash for a 1/2 hour walk and she did a great job of sticking right by me.  She has become so playful in the last couple of weeks.  She approaches Dex and Sierra trying to entice them to play.  When they are playing she waits for a strategic moment, jumps in and back out before they know she has been there.  Willow has become a collector of toys.  Last night her pile include 2 bottle animals, 2 kong chews, a nyla bone, a rope, and ball and she wasn't keen on sharing.  She tosses one in the air for a minute, chews a little and then is on to the next one. I don't know how much she weighs but she is getting heavy to carry and eating a bit more than 3 cups of food a day.  She gets several doggie treats too.   Just thought you'd like to know she is happy and settling in more and more.  Julie

Willow ~ 12 Months


Willow swims??!!

Just thought you might like to see what Willow thinks of the big pool.  She prefers piggy-back rides to swimming.  :)


Approx. 10 months

Alkira recently passed her service dog certification last week and passed her K9 good citizen last night at the airport. She is also already trained to a personal protection level and is by far the best dog I have now for work. 

My police dog trainer said Alkira (formally Wild Wanda) is the best dog in the quiver currently and she is only 1 year old! She is already doing great at tracking and scouting. She is also hitting the bite suit like a 3 year old 75 lb dog. She impresses me everyday. The trainer said we know where to go for cattle dogs now.
She keeps making me proud every time we go there. She is doing well tracking and scouting too. Also she has been doing building clearance. Let me know when you have more puppies. I'll be looking for another female. Preferable a larger one. My male cattle dog is getting older and won't be able to work after another a year or two. The master dog trainer said that Alkira has all the right breeding and she is very courageous. Again very happy with my pup. She is my pride and joy and goes everywhere with me. Restaurants, bars, and she even goes to the casino to play table games. Thanks again! Mike



Hope you are well.  We just wanted to share with you how Domino is doing. She is happy and well-loved and a blessing to us in so many ways. We cannot thank you enough for our sweet baby girl. She makes us laugh every day, and we adore her. We are so glad we found her and she found us.

Amy & Kevin

Domino & her daddy

Domino sleeps :)



It's been close to five years since I picked up Nesta! Or as you may remember Xesta. I apologize...but I must say its been the best years! Nesta is my best friend and co-pilot. We are a pair wherever we go! :) Nesta has been by my side since day one and continues to stay loyal. She's learned so many tricks including sit,lay down,stay,speak,head down,roll over and my two favorite,bow and touchdown!! Wherever we go, Nesta always gets compliments! People always ask to take pictures.People ask if her tail is real or a cast! It's never a dull moment with her!!  She loves being outdoors but never fails to enjoy laying around.I can't say thank you enough for providing me with such a beautiful,intelligent dog. Let alone being my first dog! Thank you, thank you!! Michelle and Nesta xoxo


Lute with Terri's daughter (she's under there!)

Had to share this one again!! I just love this dog!! Lute you are my baby boy!!! He just went up and climbed into my daughter's lap when she came home for Christmas!! Thank you for bringing this special dog into our lives!!

Lute is a great dog and listens and loves all. He is an awesome dog and he has so much character that just cracks me up. You sit down and he climbs in your lap, he is such a happy dog...He just loves all of my grandkids!! He licks them to death but he is very attached to my oldest grandson Tommy. Tommy goes in there with him and he plays ball with him and listens to him very good. He gets along with everyone that come here and he just loves other dogs and loves people after he gets to know them. He is very protective of us but once someone is here for over an hour, he gets over that quickly and starts to love on everyone. He is an awesome dog and we love him LOTS!! He has a personality that is funny and protective and he just seems to love life right now!! Would not give him up for the world!!! Terri

Lute at 16 months


Scout ~ 3 Years

I just sent you some photos of Scout via Kodak Galleries. Let me know if you have any problems receiving them; they are for use on your website if you wish to do so.

Veronica, after reading the references section on your website, I was amazed at how most of the comments could have been describing our Scout. I think this speaks to the consistent quality of your breeding practices and the consistently amazing cattle dogs coming out of Jonvers ACD's.

Scout, at 3 years old, is just about the best dog anyone could ever want. She's smart, loving, funny, entertaining, stubborn (can't be perfect, but close!), mischevious, tough, athletic, loyal to a fault Can you say "velcro?"). Now, if you go to the references section of your website, you'll read the same traits over and over; but the most common thread is how much people love these little dogs. I was completely caught by surprise at the depth of this relationship with Scout, and this mostly comes from Scout and her personality; how could anyone resist?

Keep up the good work, because it is sincerely appreciated!


Above photos are Scout @ 3 Years

Scout with Sue ~ 2 Years

I have attached a few pics that you may use on your web site if you wish.
 I'll tell you, Scout was in Dog Heaven when we took her up to the Sierra's! She is the best little hiker - never goes too far astray unless she sees something to chase (deer, rabbits, lizards), but even then she rarely gets out of sight and comes right back.

She really is the sweetest little girl; so good at making her affections known to those she loves. It seems like Scout never has a bad day - her happiness is contagious! She is always ready for her next big adventure, whether it be playing ball in the back yard or chasing deer in the Sierra's!

Scout is a special girl. She's been a part of our lives for a little over two years now, and we can't imagine life without her. Thanks for your role in making this possible.

Take care,

Phil and Sue and Scout

I have attached a few pics that you may use on your web site if you wish.
 I'll tell you, Scout was in Dog Heaven when we took her up to the Sierra's! She is the best little hiker - never goes too far astray unless she sees something to chase (deer, rabbits, lizards), but even then she rarely gets out of sight and comes right back.

She really is the sweetest little girl; so good at making her affections known to those she loves. It seems like Scout never has a bad day - her happiness is contagious! She is always ready for her next big adventure, whether it be playing ball in the back yard or chasing deer in the Sierra's!

Scout is a special girl. She's been a part of our lives for a little over two years now, and we can't imagine life without her. Thanks for your role in making this possible.

Take care,

Phil and Sue and Scout

We're so glad you touched our lives. We are so blessed with little Scout. She is truly an amazing dog...can't imagine life without her. Scout sends her love to you and your family and to Daddy General.


Teagan with Sherry ~ Nearly two years old

Teagan at 15 months

We hiked 13 miles Labor Day.  She loved it.

As anticipated, she and the 6 year old are becoming fast friends, (those are Clark's Crocs she's guarding outside the tent--he is always the last to rise...)

Though Mom is Go-To and Dad is still Alpha in the pack.

Much Love,

We love our little surfer girl - finally got some pictures off the camera from when she was about 10 months.

Hope all's well Veronica!


We love her tail--so THICK!

I just returned from a run--hardly a jog really--but she loves it.  Herding me through the process of getting out the door in the morning...  Just wish she's sleep past 5:30!  I can't imagine having a kennel full of this kind of energy... ;)

Teagan and the boys....head to heart & paw to foot :)

Dash (front) and Violet at 10 months, brother and sister in New York

As I write you our daughter Hannah is lying on the floor watching a movie with the two pups sleeping curled up next to her.  They are doing absolutely fantastic!  We are so pleased about the decision to take both of them...We've decided to name them after the brother and sister super-heroes in the movie "The Incredibles."  So Gizelle is now going by "Violet" and Gallagher is "Dash" (Dashielle).

They've settled right in here.  They visited the bay yesterday and the ocean today.  Visited the bakery for two short visits today where they were smothered with love and affection from all the girls in the kitchen and adoring customers/friends.  They're already celebrities here! Thank you so much for your professionalism.  These little guys are awesome!

Best regards, Ralph & Nancy

It's hard to believe five months have gone by already since we adopted Dashiell & Violet. At the same time it's hard to imagine what our lives were like before they joined us as they've become such a part of our family.

They wake up and go to the bakery with Nancy. Once she has things underway at the bakery she takes the two of them running in the woods or on the beach...they LOVE running! Then I stop by and pick Violet up and she spends the day with me while Dashiell stays at the Bakery with Nancy. These dogs are with us 24/7.

Dashiell & Violet each have such incredibly different personalities, yet love each other with complete devotion.

Adopting two dogs at the same time was certainly challenging at first. Yet with the help of a professional trainer we've gotten them almost completely squared away. For each of them to have their litter-mate to play with every day for the rest of their lives is quite a gift...and watching them play together is a never-ending source of entertainment! Dashielle looks a great deal like his father...strikingly handsome and extremely powerful and agile.

 They both have the most wonderful dispositions and are loved by all. Thank you! Best regards, Ralph & Nancy

Violet 10 Months

Dash 10 Months




I adopted Angel last year in October. I wanted to share with you a meeting I had with another JonVers Cattle Dog. I don't know if you remember, but I live in Mammoth Lakes. A woman named Hillary adopted a dog named Bronson - though she lived in LA, she recently moved to Mammoth. I was standing on my porch last week and saw a gorgeous blue walking down the street. I of course went down to introduce myself and meet the puppy. We got to talking and realized that Angel and Bronson were brother and sister! I thought you might enjoy hearing about that meeting. Angel "Angie" is doing well. We went up into the Lakes Basin today for a two hour romp - she had to play Queen of the mountain on all the snow and is now exhausted sleeping with her legs up in the air... She is at work with me every day and my students love her. She
sleeps in a kennel in my classroom, and runs with them at lunch. I think she's enjoying her life. Thank you again for her. She
means the world to me. I went out to the lake the other day and took what I think are pretty good pictures of my Angie. I thought you might like to see what she looks like as she approaches her second birthday... Alicia


Angie turned three last week and I have been meaning to send some agility photos your way. We have been competing in
NADAC (North American Dog Agility Council) events all summer and she is tearing up the novice competition. She loves doing it -
play time with mom. The trainer I have been working with (Lin Battaglia) is very impressed with not only her conformation, but
her intelligence and pleasant disposition. Everyone I meet is very surprised at such a well-behaved, friendly ACD. Alicia


 Here is a link to Alix and Angie's run at the 2010 NADAC Agility Championship in Gilette, WY.

*** Click here for their 2010 Championship Run ***

The team finished 5th overall, what a HUGE accomplishment. We are very proud of both of them!

Click here for more references on page 2

You don't have to show to have some of the nicest dogs in the world.
It's not the show that makes the dog, it's the dog that makes the show.

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