Psyche is the daughter of our beloved Aquino. She is naturally athletic and one of the most stunning females we have bred. Along with her gifts of beauty and talent lies the greatest gift of all - a quiet confidence coupled with a brave, kind, loving and willing heart. She has always given 100% in everything she does, anyone that has spent time in her presence knows that she is one very special girl.

Psyche is loaded with intelligence and charisma, she exudes a dramatic aura that gives her all the flair we could desire. Psyche also has a very expressive face with dark eyes, a wonderful build and powerful hindquarters. She was bred to be exactly what she is in the flesh: a beautifully balanced, willing and athletic girl that is a breathtaking vision. Psyche has stolen many hearts, including ours!

You don't have to show to have some of the nicest dogs in the world.
It's not the show that makes the dog, it's the dog that makes the show.

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