Our puppies are loved and monitored very carefully from birth.The pups are born and raised in our house and are handled daily to help build their emotional development. 

Please feel free to visit our references page to see what our families have to say about us and our pups.

A note of interest: An Australian Grand Champion must accrue 1,000 points (100 points for a regular CH title in Australia), while in the USA the AKC awards Grand Champion status to those with just a mere 25 points (only 15 points for a regular CH title). In our opinion a  Champion or a Grand Champion should have a much higher level to attain, just as a Triple Crown winner must attain the impossible in order to be handed such a lofty crown. In our opinion, the AKC has once again lowered the bar by making these titles so easy to achieve that they are now commonplace. For a relatively new title, the USA appears to have more Grand Champion dogs than all of Australia, the country they are trying to emulate.

JonVers breeding dogs are tested for prcd-PRA using OptiGen's patented DNA test. Our imports were tested by Genetic Technologies. All puppies currently produced by us are guaranteed for life against losing their vision to prcd-PRA.

The only labs authorized and approved by the OFA to test for prcd-PRA in Australian Cattle Dogs are OptiGen, Genetic Technologies and Paw Print Genetics. Results by any laboratory not partnered with OptiGen should be considered unreliable and inconclusive.

Please visit this link for a statement issued regarding InGen Laboratories.

We only breed and own pattern A (clear) and B (carrier) dogs. We don't own any C (affected) dogs. We don't do B to B breeding, this breeding can create pattern C pups which could lose their eyesight sometime in their lifetime. We strongly recommend not adopting an untested pup from any B to B or B to C breeding, the pup could be a C. We also believe it's unethical to breed B to B or B to C due to the fact the breeding may produce C pups that could lose their eyesight sometime in their lifetime. We recommend not adopting any pups from a C to C breeding since all pups will be affected. Always ask the breeder what the prcd-PRA testing results are for the parents and what facility did the testing before considering an adoption and make sure you get a copy of that paperwork before adoption is complete.

All puppies are microchipped, dewormed and vaccinated. 

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Great breeding produces great dogs!


Some of our pups enjoying an outing and socializing with a visitor.

You don't have to show to have some of the nicest dogs in the world.
It's not the show that makes the dog, it's the dog that makes the show.

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